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Community Hub Thursdays

7AM to 4PM

What is all the hubbub about?

Community Hub days are an opportunity for Club Members to utilize our space as an open office setting or for small gatherings. Come on down, set up a table, make a coffee, and work on any projects you have on the go! A Community Club Executive member will be present during open hours to answer any questions you may have. 

Coworking spaces are the ideal places to meet new people and connect with like-minded individuals! Still, we should keep in mind that members go there first and foremost to focus and get their work done. It becomes essential then, to read the room and not interrupt or disrupt someone’s workflow when they’re visibly absorbed in a task.
Shared spaces are called ‘collaborative’ for a reason, but we need to be aware that not everyone will want to collaborate all the time!

We are working on improving the sound absorption in our hall however are we not fully there yet.

We ask that groups who wish to chat and enjoy each other's company do so by our comfy couch area!😊

If you are a member who plans to use our space as an office setting, please set up your station closer to the kitchen, and bring some headphones, or loops if you have them!


Any of your efforts to make co-working more enjoyable for all are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

-GBCC Staff😊

What is included!

Use of Kitchen

Our kitchen is open for the day! Heat up your lunches while you work or bake with some friends! We ask that you please clean up after yourself and remember to give space for others using the facilities

Printing & Laminating

We have quite the stationary supplies! We can do B&W and colour printing for 25 cents a page, and laminating at $1.25 a page.

Craft supplies, projector and more!

Pencils, scissors, glue, markers, chalk, you name it! We also have a laptop, projector, and screen.

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